I'm a Master's student in the University of Michigan's Robotics Department, jointly advised by Joyce Chai, Chad Jenkins and Ram Vasudevan. I took the current semester off to focus on research, but I'll graduate in May 2023.

My broad research interests are robotic planning, mobile manipulation, and embodied AI. I tend to work across the entire autonomous robotics stack, whether that's language, perception, planning, or control. I keep my interests broad because unifying approaches to building robotic systems is .

, I'm focusing most of my time on safe planning and robust control for legged locomotion on the Digit robot, and also on interactive task planning for embodied agents in the household via the Amazon Alexa Prize Simbot Challenge.

Inquiries should reach me at my email address:

devrajn [at] umich [dot] edu

Relevant Projects

Some robotics-related research projects I've worked on.
Deliberative Agent for Following Natural Language Instructions
EMNLP 2022
Optimal Constrained Task Planning as Mixed Integer Programming
IROS 2022
Probabilistic Inference in Planning for Partially Observable Long Horizon Problems
IROS 2021 (Best Paper Award in Mobile Manipulation)
Topologically-Informed Atlas Learning
ICRA 2022


Various smaller pages.
Reading group presentations
Some assorted PDFs of presentations I've given on others' work.
Reinforcement Learning Reading Group
A reading group and newsletter I started while at Michigan.